business opportunity

business opportunity


Banks and Financial Institutions have an opportunity to sell their Non Performing Assets to Rare ARC on a cash or structured basis. Selling Non-Performing debt is beneficial for Banks and Financial Institutions as they can focus on their core business instead of diverting resources and can further take benefit of freeing up capital to make further investments even when the NPA is sold on a structured basis. Additionally, banks can obtain certain provisioning benefit even if the asset is sold on a structured basis.

Co-Investment with Rare ARC

Rare ARC offers opportunities for qualified investors to invest along-side Rare ARC in deals which have been thoroughly analyzed. A potential transaction is identified and filtered from the various transactions available through different means prior to being shortlisted. Then there is further analysis, research and due diligence of the financial asset before an Investment Proposal takes shape. Rare ARC secures a qualified investor’s investments by issuing Security Receipts which are negotiable instruments against the investment made. Rare ARC teams experience is expected to result in achieving high returns in transactions entered into,and a qualified investor can take advantage of the unique capabilities of Rare ARC to earn similar high returns.

Acquisition of Secured Assets:

Rare ARC shall acquire non-performing debt existing PAN India and, as part of its resolution strategy, shall sell some of these (Physical) assets through auction and private treaty.


Rare ARC offers opportunities for different sets of Investors. An Investor can participate in deal specific Investments or acquire properties within the Companies portfolio.

Service Providers

Rare ARC partners with the foremost valuation firms, advocates, legal firms, resolution agencies and consultants around India. We are keen to tie-up with service providers who have requisite experience, expertise and initiative to deal with each specific transaction or case.